Development: Gwaycoin Team

This document is for informational purposes only and does not call for anything!

The Gwaycoin was born from awareness of need for fair and open Giveaway’s
As well as to demonstrate teamwork, responsive team and your favorite community!


Progress 1 STAGE 71%

[100%] Writing a technical task to build an algorithm for selecting winners (we do not use the usual random, the winner is selected in a more complex way (the details will be published after the completion of several initial stages to avoid copying and stealing ideas)

[100%] Creating team and Branding stage
Invitation to team Adversting manager and Adviser. (Publicity is not a priority step for GWAY)
Gwaycoin Team: Founder, Adviser, Developer,
Advertising Manager

[100%] Announcement project on Bitcointalk and publish basic specifications Gwaycoin.

[100%] Private testing Gwaycoin blockchain and wallets, identify errors, eliminate inaccuracies.

[87%] Improvements design

[100%] Preparing for public launch.

[100%] Official release Gwaycoin Core
(note: Gwaycoin team reserves the right to use this coin for new projects and ambitious ideas) GwayLive service and Gwaycoin can exist and work as separate units of future GWAY Ecosystem.

Basic information about Gwaycoin cryptocurrency:
Coin name: Gwaycoin
Symbol: GWAY
Algo: phi2
Max.Supply: 12.500.000.000
Masternode collateral: 1.000.000
Block reward: 1200
Block time: 210 sec.
Masternode: 960 GWAY (80%)
PoW: 180 GWAY (15%)
DevFee: 60 GWAY (5%)
Block Explorer

[100%] Organization website architecture, creation necessary resources to expand service, preparation of GwayLive Beta for launch – at the moment service works in manual mode.
For automation and transparency processes occurring within GwayLive, additional development is required. Priority Gwaycoin Team – building open automated Giveaway for organizers and participants.

[100%] Launch GwayLive Beta (Twitter Giveaway’s)

[1%] Invitation first bloggers for Giveaway (promocode: gwayfirst5)

[74%] Publication latest Giveaway’s on home page

[100%] Listing on Exchange (Listed on Graviex 06/03/2019)

[91%] Listing on monitoring, information sites (MNTrend, CoinGecko, LiveCoinWatch, CoinCodex, DeltaApp, Blockfolio, Coin Stats)

[94%] Refinement and optimization

[10%] Related listings and advertising company

[2%] Cooperation with bloggers and activists


Progress 2 STAGE 4%

[11%] Development of an automated system GwayLive.

[0%] Personal account for organizers

[0%] Rating of organizers.

[0%] Monthly / Annual subscriptions to organizers Giveaway’s

[0%] Listing on MNO

[0%] Development of a system for automating publishing of winners.

[0%] Separate status of organizers

[0%] Publication active participants of Giveaway

[0%] Open publication algorithm GwayLive winner selection

[0%] Listing on a larger exchange (STEX, CoinExchange etc.)

[0%] Invitation to partnership of biggest bloggers and project teams.

[0%] Advertising campaign (required: $10,000).

[0%] Listing on CoinMarketCap

[0%] Count of giveaways and participants who took part in project

[0%] Separate block home page representing information about bloggers / teams that Gwaycoin works with.

[0%] Development of the GwayLive Discord/Telegram bot

[0%] E-mail,Telegram,Discord notification about starting Giveaway

[0%] Development GWAY Ecosystem of carrying out of Giveaways/Airdrops contests for most popular social networking using blockchain technology basis of Gwaycoin Core

[0%] Guaranteed prizes to winners using deposit system on blockchain coins / coupons / certificates (electronic goods)

[0%] Testing and problem identification

[0%] Writing press releases for media resources

[0%] Launch of GwayLive Beta 2.0 (All social networks)


Progress 3 STAGE 0%

[0%] Announcing launch of GwayLive 1.0

[0%] Second stage advertising campaign (planned budget: $15.000)

[0%] Development GwayLive plugin for Google Chrome

[0%] Development GwayLive mobile app

[0%] Public launch of an automated service for Giveaway’s – GwayLive 1.0

Gwaycoin – ambitious startup created by fans of honest business. We encourage giveaway/airdrops organizers to join GwayLive and build honest and trusted relationships between bloggers and their communities.

Note: the execution of Roadmap items can occur in any order, Gwaycoin team performs priority tasks despite location in this document.
Each item is marked with a percentage of completion and a stage of work.
You will be informed about completed tasks in Gwaycoin social channels. Telegram & Twitter

We invite bloggers, journalists, activists - fixed wages (GWAY) 
For details, contact in Telegram Chat or send request to
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