A new fusion between Crowdfunding and Cryptocurrency

Gwaycoin is an experimental new digital currency that enables anonymous, instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world – no bank account required.

Download Gwaycoin v1.0.1 


Earn coins with your computer. CPU/GPU mining is used to generate coins. Available pools for phi2


A masternode is a server on a decentralized network. It is used for features like direct send / instant or private transactions. Masternode Stats & Profit

Crypto Crowdfunding

A new fundraising solution for people who are looking for ways to launch their ideas or plans. All funds are visible and can’t be used for other purposes, giving investors complete peace-of-mind.

Crowdfunding Platform

Get funded.

A platform for direct investment in start-ups, non-profit organisations, community projects where all investor’s funds are visible on a public blockchain. The main purpose of the GWAY platform is to make fundraising accessible to all people, including those who do not have the ability to open Bank accounts.

It can be non-profit organizations, aid organizations, startups, ideas, books, flights to the moon, help dogs. To get funds can anyone in crypto industry where at the moment there are more than $271 376 402 790

Will be available in Q3, 2019

Marketing Support

Get your message out.

We will help promote your ideas and projects. Start-ups who receive investment from Gwaycoin will get advice, mentoring, promotion on social media, press releases and the development of an advertising exchange for the automation of advertising on all major cryptocurrency sites.

Will be available in Q4, 2019

GWAY Investment

Share your idea.
We are ready to help.

We believe in the future of blockchain, and we know how to make this future a reality. We help raise funds to support high potential projects and if community support is not enough, we’ll add the missing funds ourselves. If the required amount for the development of a specific project is not achieved, all funds raised are refunded to each stakeholder.

Gwayhub will allocate more than 400,000,000 GWAY as well as their own funds to invest in the most promising start-ups to open the first round of crowdfunding on Gwaystarter! Together with the projects we create an Eco-system Gway.

Will be available in Q3, 2019


Amazing Features That Make It Awesome!

Using Gwaycoin as a payment system gives you huge advantages – when you invest in start-ups using Gwaycoin, you get an awesome discount compared to Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ether, or Dash. In addition, the Gwaycoin platform will further expand its functionality and Masternode holders will receive additional privileges. It is planning to set up an automated trading planning similar to Bitcoin era 2021 trading platform where the trade is carried out autonomously.


Make new friends,
get inspired!

Community is a key part of every project. With the support of our team and advisors, we can help develop your project, and guide you in achieving your goals!

Will be available in Q4, 2019  


Now is the time to
start something amazing.

Create a mobile application, a website to help dogs or launch a new social network. The gap between investment and creative people has never been so close! Alternately, you can choose the best trading app for beginners like Bitcoin Up on mobile trading platform that lets you trade bitcoin as well as other few  cryptocurrencies, etc. The app also helps in stock trading for both individuals and institutions as both these sectors are constantly into the daily trade. So, the app is ideal for both beginners and experts.

Will be available in Q3, 2019



Gwaycoin Markets

Buy your first Gwaycoin or increase your portfolio right now. KYC is not required.

Another Exchange

The latest version includes our new logo and design. The Raspberry Pi wallet is available on GitHub.

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